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Creative Communicators is an integrated arts based program that combines the principles of speech and language therapy and social skills, through theater, dance, and other art mediums for children and adults with autism spectrum and other communication and language needs.

The program goal is to help our students develop meaningful peer relations and support their social-emotional needs, communication skills, and imagination in a safe and nurturing environment to assist in learning how to navigate the world around them.

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Speech Therapy and Social Skills Through the Arts


Who We Are

Committed to Supporting Our Students and Families


Mark Corallo, MA CCC/SLP

Program Director
Mark Corallo has been a practicing speech and language pathologist for the past 20 years. Throughout his work, Mark has treated individuals diagnosed with  Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cognitive Impairments, Language Learning Disabilities, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and Apraxia of Speech. In addition, Mark is PROMPT certified.  
As Director of Creative Communicators, Mark's current philosophy and teachings involve supporting social interactions, language development, and relationship development for students with autism spectrum disorders and other communication needs through arts programming. 
In addition, Mark serves as a  consultant to schools throughout New Jersey to support social skills and speech language treatment within the classroom setting. 
As students spend a majority of time in the classroom. Mark assists teachers and related service providers in understanding how to support social skill interventions and communication amongst students and teachers through a variety of teaching strategies. This includes:
Direct Teaching.
Facilitating and coaching students within the moment.
Implementation of UDL strategies.
Humor and improvisation to sustain student engagement.
Dynamic Assessment.
Modification of curriculum to support learning.
Data Collection.
If you are interested in having Mark consult at your school please feel free to contact him at speechonstage@gmail.com and/or 917-734-2292

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Speciality Areas

Intake Process

Families meet with our clinicians to determine what model might be the best for the student. During the assessment process, we often conduct informal language and social observations, and obtain background information in the areas of family history, current school or work placement, IEP and/or 504 plan goals and objectives, and any previous assessments that were conducted that may be relevant to the students treatment process. Formal language testing may also be offered to gain further info if necessary.  Clinicians and families then work collaboratively to determine what model may be the best fit for the student. Treatment models include: 

* Individual speech and language based therapy.

* Social - Theater Arts Based Groups.

* Theater and Dance Program. 

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Social Arts Based Groups

Students in our arts based groups learn social skills through creative based activities that  eventually lead to taking part in a theater and dance performance. 

What We Teach:

* Improvisation and Comedy

* Writing and Story Telling

* Role Playing and Perspective Taking

* Character Development

* Movement and Dance

* Theater and Imagination Games.

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Peer Mentor and Friend Program

Our Peer Mentor and Friend program provides opportunities and training for students in middle and high school who are interested in supporting our students through the arts. This particular program supports siblings, friends, and other students who may want to learn more about theater arts. Students in general education elementary school programs who are motivated and eager to learn, are also strongly encouraged to join our program and have a blast!

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